Pangbourne & Whitchurch Sustainability Group

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Next Event:

Biodiversity Walk

Sunday 2nd July

Start 2pm at the Hardwick Estate


PAWS at Pangbourne Village Fete Saturday 10th June:

PAWS Fete 2

The stall held at Pangbourne village Fete on 10 June was a great success. We had lots of interest from the young and old alike, and we were able to recruit a number of new members. Ellie Thorne made a brilliant seascape showing the perils of plastic on wild life using some soft toys. This really caught the interest of the children as they could see a toy turtle being choked by a piece of plastic and definitely wanted to take the plastic away!

Thanks to all the people who helped and thanks also to all who stopped bye to say hello. It was great to catch up with members.

Plastic in the environment and especially in the oceans is in the news at the moment. It is a problem that we could make a significant contribution to alleviating by making changes in Pangbourne and Whitchurch.

In the near future we hope to get a scheme up and running to reduce, recycle and reuse plastic in our two villages.


PAWS Fete 1
PAWS fete 3
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